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Press Releases in 2014

American attaché Kendra Pace met the members of the Turkish community

Kendra Pace in Cumpana

Political attaché responsible of human rights within the United States Embassy in Bucharest, Kendra Pace, met on October 7th, at the local branch RDTU office, members of the Turkish community in Cumpana. The American diplomat was received by the RDTU President – Fedbi Osman, RDTU, General secretary – Ervin Ibraim, and RDTU branch president of Cumpana – Bari Muselim. The meeting with the American attache was also attended by the Deputy Prefect Accoium Levent, Mufti Yusuf Murat, and Cumpana Vice mayor Florin Neagu.

Kendra Pace stated: "Thank you for the opportunity to be with you and to participate to the Celebration of the muslim Sacrifice Feast. It is important for your community to preserve the traditions, and transmit them to future generations. Happy Holidays!" President Osman Fedbi stressed that was the second meeting of the American Political Attaché with Turkish community leaders, the first had been in July 2013. He also congratulated American Embassy on the support of the RDTU, especially for programs made available to members of the community attended.

In the end of the meeting, on the occasion of the Sacrifice Feast, present Turkish ethnics received packages of sacrificed meat (Kurban), and footwear from the Turkish Democratic Union of Romania.

Sorina Asan

Students of the University of Fribourg, guests of RDTU leaders

Students from Fribourg

A delegation consisting of eight students from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland was received Thursday, June 19, by Ervin Ibraim – RDTU general secretary, and Serin Türkoğlu, the chairman of culture commitee. The students were accompanied by Raluca Mateoc, PhD at the same university in Switzerland. Swiss students meeting lasted two hours, during which the RDTU leaders answered their guests' questions. Swiss youth participate in a summer school organized by PhD. Raluca Mateoc in order to achieve a work seminar on politics and culture of the Turkish community in Romania.

Sorina Asan

Partnership of RDTU at Charity Fair "Let's give together"

Women's Commission of the Turkish Democratic Union of Romania participated Sunday, June 1, at the seventh edition of Charity Fair "Let's give together". The event was organized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey, Consulate General of the Republic of China and the Consulate General of the Russian Federation, in Constanta, in partnership with the Prefecture of Constanta county.
Democratic Turkish Union of Romania came in with a stand of traditional Turkish cuisine, prepared by women from Cumpăna and Cobadin subsidiaries. From selling products, RDTU contributed with RON 1,600 to the total amount of RON 11,221 which will be donated to the Placement Centre "Antonio" in Constanta.

Charity Fair

Partakers at the event were:

Democratic Turkish Union of Romania was represented at the event by President Osman Fedbi, General Secretary Ibraim Ervin, chairman of the Women's Committee Amet Melec, and chairman of the Culture Committee Serin Turkoglu.

Sorina Asan

Press Releases in 2013

RDTU leaders meeting with U.S. diplomat Kendra Pace

Romanian Democratic Turkish Union's leaders have had Wednesday, July 10 in Constanta, a meeting with Ms. Kendra E. Pace, political officer responsible for human rights within the United States Embassy in Bucharest.

Kendra Pace

The talks were held in a cordial atmosphere, addressing political and social issues of the Turkish community in Romania. Both RDTU President, engineer Osman Fedbi, and Secretary General, Prof. Ervin Ibraim, have emphasized that ethnic turks in Romania are a historical community, a national minority who practice a moderate Islam. During the meeting, RDTU President said "the turkish community has an excellent relationship with all other ethnic minorities, with the romanian public institutions, but we also try to develop our relationship and cooperation with the muslims in other countries, through diplomatic missions and accredited diplomats in Romania". The two RDTU leaders also raised the fact that the biggest problem of the turkish minority is the social one, this attracting a low level of education for ethnic turks in the countryside.

Kendra Pace

In the end of the meeting, the RDTU President, Mr. Osman Fedbi handed U.S. diplomat Kendra E. Pace a plaque with Union's insignia. Kendra E. Pace is married, has two children and she is works in Romania for two months.

Sorina Asan